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Writing & Arts 

with Jessica Outram

Enrich your process. Inspire your life.

Connect & Create

We are all story. The stories we experience, learn, witness, and share will define our sense of self and our sense of purpose. How do you collect and express your stories? 

Four big connections weave through our work:


  • Inspiration & Arts

  • Ideas & Abundance

  • Dreams & Attention

  • Vision & Action


Guided by a holistic approach and connections to nature, we explore ways of seeing differently. It's as much about a lifestyle as it is about a finished product.


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Everything is relationship. Every program is responsive to you. Individual sessions and classes adapt to meet your needs. We value authenticity and impact. This is only worth your time when you are able to create the changes you need to meet your creative goals.

Everyone is creative. Creativity offers healing, mindfulness, connection, and belonging.

  • How will your stories became paintings, poems, photographs, plays, or pottery?

  • Why will a coach guiding the process of writing your novel or building your portfolio be life-changing for you?

  • What if being more creative was easy?

The programs go beyond a 'how-to' class. The focus of the work is to enrich your process and inspire your life. Creativity Coaching Canada is about transformation. Open up your craft. Reconnect with your deepest self. Create your legacy.

Currently, all individual and group sessions are offered online or via the phone.

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