Image by Yoshi Sugimoto
The Creativity Spiral Series
Nurture Your Relationship With Creativity

Do you prefer to learn on your own? Linger and savour ideas at your pace. It can feel decadent to take time to do something just because it feeds you--and to do it on your terms.

The Creativity Spiral Series is a collection of lovingly prepared emails delivered to your inbox over the span of six months. Each email includes a reflection and something to try. Using the idea of a spiral as a central metaphor, this program was designed to connect you to your creative story.

Big ideas move through a series of 8 spirals that combine two big ideas in each spiral. 

  • Creativity & Process

  • Honesty & Courage

  • Solitude & Self-Awareness

  • Community & Connection

  • Ambition & Audience

  • Perseverance & Diligence

  • Curiosity & Adventure

  • Love & Energy

Sometimes we need something we can do right now, today. There is no cost to sign-up. You can unsubscribe anytime. Maybe this will be just the type of independent work that changes everything for you. This series is all about you deepening your own relationship with your creativity.

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