10 reasons to join the monthly creativity chat for educators

Updated: Aug 29

Learn to free the creative spirits of your students.

We are preparing students for a future we cannot see. It's more important than ever for our children and teens to be creative. Our fast-changing world demands innovation. Our complicated world demands critical literacy skills.

“Creativity helps student resiliency, wellness, literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving."

My goal is to help educators and parents find creative abundance and prosperity they can share with children and teens. I've created a series of free monthly workshops.

I've worked as an educator for over 20 years in the following roles: High School English, Dramatic Arts, and Music teacher, Literacy Coach, Student Success Teacher, High School Vice Principal, Elementary School Principal. I've worked extensively with students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

10 reasons to join us

  1. It's only one hour of your time. You can choose to be on-screen or off-screen. You can listen or share. The format is open and flexible. You don't need to leave your home.

  2. We blend action (things for you do and try) and theory (new information and research).

  3. We use Zoom, an easy video platform for gathering. You receive a link in an email and click it. Presto! We are connected.

  4. The content is research-based and promises quick shifts in your work with students.

  5. There is homework if you choose to accept it: invitations to engage over the month until we meet again.

  6. All parents, educators, and creatives are welcome. Each month's chat is carefully crafted with multiple entry points.

  7. Creativity is about making connections and taking action. We can do this together. Let's build a community committed to change and inspiration.

  8. We will challenge preconceptions and fears in education to help free young people to discover their own best work in any form.

  9. We will help educators and students alike tap into natural creative energies and release the artist within.

  10. We will explore simple ways of integrating creativity into your every day teaching and learning.

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