10 reasons to join the monthly creativity chat

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Engage in lessons to free your creative spirit.

We need to shift our attention from the problems to the solutions. There are so many reasons why this may not be an ideal time to create: a global pandemic, widespread anxiety, heartbreaking news stories near and far, and six months of change and turmoil. We can rise. We can shine. We can reclaim our spirits. This is the perfect time.

“Let's connect and create!"

My goal is to help you find creative abundance and prosperity now. I've created a series of free monthly workshops, inspired by the Creativity Spiral.

10 reasons to join us

  1. It's only one hour of your time. You can choose to be on-screen or off-screen. You can listen or share. The format is open and flexible. You don't need to leave your home.

  2. We blend action (things for you do and try) and theory (new information and research).

  3. We use Zoom, an easy video platform for gathering. You receive a link in an email and click it. Presto! We are connected.

  4. The content complements the Creativity Spiral series, yet does not repeat anything. This is new content. Each month is different!

  5. There is homework if you choose to accept it: invitations to engage over the month until we meet again.

  6. All creatives from beginners to professionals are welcome. Each month's chat is carefully crafted with multiple entry points. Whether you are a writer, gardener, painter, crafter, photographer, chef--whatever way you like to express your creativity, these lessons will relate.

  7. Creativity is about making connections and taking action. We can do this together.

  8. We will challenge preconceptions and fears to help free you to discover your own best work in any form.

  9. We will help you tap into your natural creative energies and release the artist within.

  10. We will explore simple ways of integrating creativity into your every day life.

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