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Creativity Coaching

How do you integrate creativity into your daily life? Do you search for ideas?  How easy is it for you to identify with each creative opportunity that is available to you every day? Have you recognized creativity as a core function of a happy life? 

Creative energy is sustainable and renewable. It is available to everyone. You can live a creative life without compromise. This is possible.

I work to build structure and support so you can create. My passion is to guide you as you cultivate your creative energy so it is defined and focused.  As a coach I will work alongside you to facilitate a deep look at process, craft, and your creative goals using original tools and a responsive approach.


How it Works

Together we will shine a light on both visible and potentially hidden creativity to begin a renewed journey of self-discovery and success. ​This signature program works through a framework to grow your ideas, light your dreams, and harvest your vision.

It's easy to be inspired from the comfort of your own home. Sessions are currently offered on Zoom or on the phone. If alternate arrangements are required, please contact me to discuss. 

Based on your input, I develop an individualized coaching plan.  From engaging in a process that focuses on sustainable transformation over time to working with clients in a 'Mosaic" session to unlock a specific project or idea, I will customize the approach to meet your needs.

To learn more about this structured and supportive individualized signature program, contact me.

I'm happy to provide a complimentary 15-minute conversation so we can discuss options and determine what is best for you.


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