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Creative expression improves our health and happiness.

Creativity Coaching

What is your relationship with creativity?  

When we share our stories through the arts we connect to a place deep within ourselves. We find healing. We capture possibilities. We feel as though we are alive in the world instead of merely passing through it. Attending to the artist within us can connect us to a life driven by intention and meaning. Everyone's story deserves to be shared.

How do you ignite a surge in creativity?

Creativity is energy.  We can adjust the conditions of our environment, our time, and our mindset to ignite creative surges. We can spend more time in flow. Creative energy is sustainable and renewable.


As a coach I will work alongside you to look at process, craft, and your creative goals using original tools and a responsive approach. My goal is to nurture a safe space for you to explore, connect, and expand. I want you to think of me as a friend with lots of questions who cares deeply about your success. 


How it Works

Sessions are currently offered on Zoom or on the phone. 

To become an individual coaching client, we will need to have an initial conversation (via email or phone) to ensure we are a good fit for each other. I work full-time Monday to Friday so appointments will be in the evenings or on weekends. 


Typically, I will work with one to two individual clients at a time and offer one group session per month. I'm drawn to do this work by a genuine wish to share lessons I've learned in my own creative journey and a calling to help people to open their creative selves to new ways of being. Spending my free-time as a creativity coach is an expression of gratitude. 

What it Costs

Contact me for details about pricing and packages. If we are a good fit for each other, then we will find a way to make it work. 


Jessica Outram


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