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Creativity Coaching

Creative expression improves our health and happiness.

What is your creative story?  

We are all story. Everyone's story deserves to be shared. When we share our stories through the arts we connect to a place deep within ourselves. We find healing. We capture possibilities. We feel as though we are alive in the world instead of merely passing through it. Attending to the artist within us can connect us to a life driven by intention and meaning. 

How do you ignite a surge in creativity?

Creativity is energy.  We can adjust the conditions of our environment, our time, and our mindset to ignite creative surges. We can spend more time in flow. Creative energy is sustainable and renewable.

Enrich your process. Inspire your life.

As a coach I will work alongside you to look at process, craft, and your creative goals using original tools and a responsive approach.

We keep connected between sessions. My goal is to nurture a safe space for you to explore, connect, and expand. I want you to think of me as a friend with lots of questions who cares deeply about your success. 


How it Works

Together we will shine a light on both visible and potentially hidden creativity to uncover and extend your creative story. ​This signature program works through a framework to grow your ideas, light your dreams, and harvest your vision.

It's easy to be inspired from the comfort of your own home. Sessions are currently offered on Zoom or on the phone. If alternate arrangements are required, please contact me to discuss. 

Based on your input, I develop an individualized coaching plan.  From engaging in a process that focuses on sustainable transformation over time to working with clients in a 'Mosaic" session to unlock a specific project or idea, I will customize the approach to meet your needs.

To learn more about this structured and supportive individualized signature program, contact me.

I'm happy to provide a complimentary 15-minute conversation so we can discuss options and determine what is best for you.

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