What is Creativity Coaching?

Are you looking for more creativity in your life?

Are there creative projects calling your name and you need some direction for how to get started? Have you lost your sense of creative play?

Do you want to maximize your creative potential?

My goal is to help you find your creative dreams and then bring them to life. As a coach I will work alongside you to facilitate a deep look at process, craft, and your creative goals using original tools and a responsive approach.


How it works

Be inspired from the comfort of your own home! Currently, sessions will be on Zoom or on the phone. If you'd prefer to meet in person, contact me for more information. 

  • We begin with an intake form. Your responses are emailed to me prior to the session. The questions focus on what is most important to you right now. 

  • During the first session: We explore what your creativity level is today and where you want to be in the future. Using a structured assessment plan we excavate your creative life for areas of need, first steps, and next steps. You will have a copy of this plan emailed to you after the session.

  • Subsequent sessions go deeper into five key areas (personalized for your needs):

    1. Creative Energy​ (fire and sustainability)

    2. Creative Processes (efficiency and joy)

    3. Creative Conditions (routines and environment)

    4. Creative Connections (transference of skills and talents)

    5. Creative Productivity (input vs. output)

  • If you are interested, we can use elements of Reiki in our Creativity Coaching sessions too.


Grow Your



Light Your Dreams


Harvest Your Vision


Why a creativity coach?

You want to:

  • feel more creative

  • reconnect to lost parts of yourself

  • find inspiration

  • use the Arts to bring more innovation to your work

  • remember how to play

  • rediscover yourself and your joy

  • refine your creative processes

  • build a plan to develop artistic mastery

  • sustain creative energy over a long-term project

  • let go of perfectionism and take risks

  • heal from creative disappointments

  • develop the confidence to be vulnerable in sharing creative work

  • nurture resilient mental health through personal care and passion projects

  • begin or enrich a mindful creative practice

  • get out of your own way and let your creativity blossom

  • navigate time management and balance with creative pursuits, work, and life

  • tap into creative abundance and prosperity


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